Friday, September 15, 2006

Restating the Obvious

New York 9/11 Truth is hosting an event that should take place in all communities: "9/11 Truth and Peace, Learn why 9/11 Truth is the vortex for all global issues impacted by the imperial agenda for empire." The concept is very relevant but lost by many who have made a conscious choice to avoid the truth about 9/11 or draw connections to the catalyst used to launch the New World Order and unending war.

It is clear that the truth movement is making significant progress and thanks go out to all who coordinated 9/11 truth and outreach events throughout the country over the past week. Unfortunately some who appear to be a beacon of truth actually serve to conceal it; this is in direct reference to a popular leftist radio/television news program that aired a 9/11 debate this past Monday. The Popular Mechanics propagandists should have been scheduled to debate the person who wrote the article that debunked their 9/11 hit piece; however, a source has indicated that Jim Hoffman who wrote the cover piece for Global Outlook (issue 10) was not invited to participate. You may recall another program from May 2004 where the same host featured a "debate" between Chip Berlet (who has many web pages devoted to mocking so-called conspiracy theorists) and author David Ray Griffin. These "control the debate" tactics are those used by the likes of Fox News, MSNBC, etc., and should not be part of the alternative news. One is left to wonder why this program has avoided hosting a one-on-one interview with key 9/11 researchers rather than stage a "debate."


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