Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Truth is More Powerful than Fear or War

Understanding how to communicate about 9/11 is critical to any outreach strategy. There are many ways to approach discussion on 9/11; an activist in Colorado has an interesting web page The Psychology of 9/11 Perception. The page is very low tech, but the information is interesting. There are also sample flyers regarding different approaches to communicating with others. There is no right way to communicate; some people are ready to head straight to a factual presentation, others need to have a personal connection "how does this affect me," and others are careful about protecting their comfort zone.


At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know, it seems like psychobabble to me. The essence of maturity is the ability to accept unpleasant realities and deal with them. People need to become mature adults, and no amount of sugar-coated b.s. is going to make them accept the truth about 9/11 if they are not mature enough to face the truth. No matter how one tries to reframe the truth about 9/11 into a "positive," it still remains a dark, heavy thing to bear. If it's blowback it's dark and heavy. If the president's story of "Arab evildoers" were true it would be dark and heavy. And if our own govt. did it, which they did, that too is dark and heavy and scary, indeed, the scariest of all. Why not face the fact that some things in life are inexorably dark, and not try to sugarcoat them? To me, the effort to sugarcoat 9/11 truth presupposes a condescending attitude toward people duped into the Official Lie. I believe people can handle the truth. They don't need a sanitized, saccharine version of it.


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