Monday, February 19, 2007

9/11 Films to be Shown in Davis

The following 9/11 films will be screened in Davis at the Yolo County Library in the Blanchard Room. The library is located at 315 14th Street, Davis. The films are projected on a big screen for easy viewing. All films begin at 7 pm.

Friday, February 23
Steven Jones, Physics of 9/11, Brigham Young University physics professor argues that physics and chemistry do not back up the government's explanation of the "collapse" of the Twin Towers. Discusses evidence of thermite/thermate. Footage of demolitions and fires.

Friday, March 23
9/11 Eyewitness, Can two airplanes pulverize 3 buildings? Film points out scientific fallacies in government story, see film footage of 9/11 and hear witnesses in their own words.

Thursday, April 19
Loose Change, A comprehensive and informative film on 9/11. British reports of the supposed hijackers who are still alive, faked cell phone conversations, and false flag operations. Does the evidence fit?


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