Sunday, July 22, 2007

William Rodriguez to Speak in Sacramento in Early November

In early November 2007, William Rodriguez will be in Sacramento for a speaking engagement; he is currently on The Last Man Out Tour. Details will be posted as they become available. Following is an excerpt from a press release announcing his speaking date in Los Angeles:

Declared a hero for saving numerous lives at Ground Zero, he was the janitor on duty the morning of 9/11 who heard and felt explosions rock the basement sub-levels of the north tower just seconds before the jetliner struck the top floors. His testimony, which was omitted from the 9/11 Commission, absolutely destroys the government's official story because it means that explosives must have been placed in the buildings. Several eyewitnesses who were on the scene also claim they heard multiple explosions before the buildings collapsed.

At great risk to his own life, William re-entered the Towers three times after the first, North Tower impact and is believed to be the last person to exit the North Tower alive, surviving the building ' s collapse by diving beneath a fire truck. After receiving medical attention at the WTC site for his injuries, he then spent the rest of the day aiding as a volunteer in the rescue efforts, and at dawn the following morning, was back continuing his heroic efforts.

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At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Rodriguez' eyewitness testimony is amazingly factual and should be heard by every American who has ears to hear. His account sheds light on the cause and effect of what happened on that fateful, somber day.

May God protect Mr. Rodriguez forevermore from the tyrants who would rather suppress the truth and sacrifice transparency in exchange for personal gain.


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