Sunday, September 21, 2008

Annie Machon to Speak in Davis

Co-sponsored by Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance and Davis 9/11 Truth:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
7:00 PM
Blanchard Rm, Davis Library
315 E 14th St, Davis

Making Peace presents a special lecture by former British MI5 agent Annie Machon. This acclaimed author, internationally renowned whistleblower and co-chair of the British 9/11 Truth Campaign will discuss “The Growing International 9/11 Truth Movement.”

Admission is free, donations are appreciated. A discussion will follow the presentation.

Annie Machon read classics at Cambridge, later beginning work as an intelligence officer for MI5 in 1991, the British agency analogous to our FBI. In 1997 Annie blew the whistle on the crimes and incompetence of the British spy agencies. Her disclosures included surveillance of Labour politicians, illegal phone taps, and false-flag terrorism.

After blowing the whistle Annie went on the run, living in exile in France for 3 years to avoid arrest and imprisonment. Her story is detailed in her book Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair.

Since 2002, Annie has been an active peace and civil rights campaigner and is currently co-chair of the British 9/11 Truth Campaign. She is also involved in a new peace campaign called Make Wars History, which aims at holding political leaders to account using international laws of war. Additionally, she is working on creating an international think tank.


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