Thursday, October 05, 2006

Regulated Resistance

In Spring 2005, Newtopia Magazine's Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Charles Shaw drafted two critical pieces. The magazine closed its doors in September 2005 but the archived articles remain.

Regulated Resistance: Is it possible to change the system when you are the system?
Regulated Resistance: Pt. 2 - The Gatekeepers of the So-Called Left

The articles include key information about how various issues are kept at bay in the anti-war movement including 9/11 Truth. The term "gatekeeper" seems to offend many, particularly those who support the gatekeepers; on the other hand, some have said that is too kind a term. Whatever term is used, withholding the truth by silence or omission is a large problem facing the activist community. Media activists such as TVNewsLies have it right, half of the story is one complete lie...what about ignoring the story altogether?


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