Saturday, November 11, 2006

Get 9/11 Programming on Community Access

Information on how to get 9/11 programming on community access stations.

Programming Options:

  1. 9/11 TV offers public access videos for a donation.
  2. Prepare independently produced video.
  3. Show an existing documentary and obtain consent of the film maker.
  4. Work with an existing show.

Questions to Ask Your Local Access TV Station:

Must the material be locally produced?
What media format is required? (DVD or VHS)
What length programming is required? (28:00 and 58:00 are common lengths)
When will the video be shown?

Regional Public Access Programming:

Auburn Community Television (ACTV20)
Davis Community Television DCTV
Nevada City Nevada County TeleVision NCTV-11
Sacramento Access Sacramento
Vacaville Community Television Channel 27
West Sacramento Community Access Channel 21

Some cities do not have an actual Community Access Center, but they do have channels that air local programming. Residents can fill out a form and drop off material for airing (e.g. West Sacramento)


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