Saturday, October 14, 2006

Defense Committee Formed for the Liberty City 7

On September 28, 2006, the Miami Herald reported that activists announced the formation of the Liberty City 7 Defense Committee.

' ''We conclude that these arrests were wrongful, politically motivated and racially motivated,'' said Max Rameau of Miami CopWatch, a lead group organizing the defense committee...Family members of three of the men -- Narseal Batiste, Stanley Phanor and Lyglenson Lemorin -- stood shoulder to shoulder, wearing t-shirts that featured the men's photographs and the words: "The U.S. government is the real terrorist!'' '

In addition to the defense committee there is a movement to Free the Liberty City 7 that "calls on all lovers of freedom and social justice to unite" with the following demands: the immediate release of the Liberty City 7; reparations to the families of the Liberty 7 for emotional, physical and psychological trauma inflicted by the ordeal; an international press conference held by all major media denouncing all slanderous comments made of the Liberty City 7 – including accusations of terrorism and criminals.

It is well known that there is no basis for the accusations made by the state against the LC7, yet we are left to wonder what will happen to groups/individuals such as the LC7 now that the laws have been amended.

Article from July about the LC7 from Miami Indymedia:


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